As is. $900 and a "good deal" on a LOT of 5.56, Radway Green, Federal, Winchester, Georgia Arms Canned Heat, some HP Wolf, some Lake City, etc. etc. to those who purchase the rifle. Both upper and lower Bushmaster purchased new in early 2000s at T&T Gunnery. ( I got along fine with Marty, LOL, but especially with Hank.) Free floating fluted barrel, very crisp trigger, believe it was sold as a match trigger. P.G. was replaced (but still "available") with a and a DIY filler piece between it and the skeleton, non-adjustable stock. Scope is a 3x9x40mm "Red Head" from Bass Pro Shops. Maglock with two keys included. Note the "good deal" on ammo is only available to purchasers of the rifle. final pic is from pre-SAFE days for those of you leaving Newyorkistan or LEOs.