16" upper from bear creek arsenal in .458 socom. This thing really surprised me with how accurate it was, made better groups than my 1/7 twist 5.56 upper. Has keymod rail.
Also throwing in a set of magpul Mbus pro sights so you can shoot it immediately.
Depending what you want to do. Throw it on a fixed mag lower and keep as is. I'm also throwing in a thread protector, so if you want to remove the muzzle device, pin and weld the thread protector and throw it on a featureless, then I am also including these 2 Wilson combat modified mags. 10 round AR mags will fit 3 rounds of .458, modified to function reliably. Great for hunting!
Also included- 20 rounds of Wilson combat ammo, and about 67 rounds of hollow point ammo. .458 socom ammo is going around $2.50-$3 per round, so for an upper, sights, 2 mags and 87 rounds of ammo this is a great deal!