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I didn't want to put a "WTB" into the main forum, but figured this was good as a public service announcement as well.

My main hunting shotgun is an old Browning A5 that surfaced here at Volko one day. How old? it has a straight stock, and I think i dated the serial number to be about 1909. For some reason the thing fits, and it hits whatever I seem to point it at so that's that.

After a day at the trap field I had the gun apart to clean it and noticed what appeared to be a crack in the barrel....starting at the lugs and working it's way up. In the pic below look next to the sharpie mark I made. It was more clear when there was a fair amount of fouling on the barrel.

Does anyone have a 12ga A5 Barrel sitting in a corner collecting dust? 2 3/4" chamber, 28" barrel preferred, full choked.

Alternatively.....anyone know of an acceptable repair for something like this?

I called Browning, and they said pretty much any a 5 barrel will work for it.



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Call Bob at Country, he may have one hanging around
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