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Woman kills intruder

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Police Release 911 Tape Reporting Duluth Shooting
Woman shot, killed intruder who confronted her with knife in her home as she exited shower.

Gwinnett Police have released a recording of the 911 call made by a Duluth woman after she shot the knife-wielding intruder who attacked her at home last Wednesday (May 11). Her assailant, identified by police as Israel Perez Puentes, 34, of Alpharetta, died later from the gunshot wounds.

The incident occurred about 6:30 a.m. when Punetes entered the home in the 2800 block of East Mount Tabor Circle in unincorporated Duluth, as the resident, a 53-year-old woman, was coming out of the shower, according to a Gwinnett Police spokesman. "She was exiting the shower when the man wielding a [kitchen] knife entered her bathroom," said Gwinnett Police spokesman Cpl. Edwin Ritter.

The woman tried to fight off the man with the shower rod after she had fallen into the bathtub. Her attacker then forced her into the bedroom. Puentes apparently was going to sexually assault her, Ritter said. She was able to retrieve her .22-caliber pistol and then shot him multiple times, according to Ritter. Puentes left the house through the rear door and collapsed in the backyard.

A neighbor to whose home the woman had run after the attack placed the 911 call then put her on the telephone. Sobbing hysterically, she managed to tell the dispatcher about the attack and give her address.

"I was in the shower and the lights cut out in my house, and a man came in with a hood, and he had a knife in his hand….He told me to be quiet. He told me to get out of the tub, and he tried to force me on(to) the bed," the woman told the police dispatcher.

The woman was able to retrieve a .22 caliber pistol that she kept in a nightstand near the bed. "I took my .22, and I shot him as much as I could." The woman informed the dispatcher she locked the rear sliding glass door after he ran out, and she rushed out the front door to the neighbor's house. She said she wasn't sure of his whereabouts.

Puentes was transported to Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville where he later died from his injuries. The woman was transported to Gwinnett Medical Center in Duluth and was treated for minor injuries, Ritter said. No charges are expected to be filed against the woman. "It was apparently a justified use of deadly force," he said.

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The only downside is hearing the mental anguish this woman went through.  Good for her and glad to hear the world is free of another bad guy.
Good for her!  Moral of the story?  A .22 is better than nothing but not by much!  
"...not by much"?

It stopped the attack, and the guy died. Doesn't get much more effective than that. I would rather have a few good hits with a .22, than a bunch of misses with a .45.
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vmtcmt said:
"...not by much"?
It stopped the attack, and the guy died. Doesn't get much more effective than that. I would rather have a few good hits with a .22, than a bunch of misses with a .45.
+1...a 22-cal can be a very effective tool, especially at close range with minimum recoil. I'm surprised that the felon allowed the woman the freedom to access her weapon in the night table, but good for her...also shows how a revolver can often be a better tool than an autoloader in times of stress. If the automatic wasn't cocked and locked with the safety on (or off), she probably never would have had the chance to get a shot off and save herself.
It of course is true that hits with a .22 are better than misses with a .45, and that the .22 stopped the attack.  On the other hand, the creep was able to run out the door -- had he the presence of mind to do so, he probably could have killed her after the first couple of shots.  That being said, I am not someone who belives that anything less than a .45 is insufficient. Personally, for me the best combination for target shooting (fun vs cost of ammo) and home protection is a 9 mm.      
"I shot him as much as I could"

There is no second place in a gunfight. Good for here. the RKBA is what saved this woman.
God Bless and may her worries be small ones after this.
I am once again reminded of a post of mine from several months ago:

In Rodney James' book "The Gun Digest Book of the .22 Rifle", he discusses the lethality of the round, adding an anonymous quote "People shot by a .22 often experience little physical discomfort. And then they die."

Bravo !!!
In a world of good guys and bad guys, she's a good guy. I always root for the good guys. Today, my team won.
2nd amendment win.

.22 really is a great round... Bucket of truth did expansion tests and it was pretty close to 9mm an unarmored targets from what I remember
The Israeli hit teams that went out after the '72 Munich massacre did all their killing(the shooting hits) with Beretta .22s at close range.
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