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Winchester White Box 9MM 100 Rounds

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I have 100 rounds of Winchester White Box 9MM ammo that I am putting up for bid.

One hundred percent of the proceeds of this sale will go to the Freedom Fund.

Please post your bid for this item on this thread.

Remember, this money is going towards the Freedom Fund. This is the first item posted. Bid from your heart!

Be the first to win on a Freedom Fund Bid!!

Bid opens at $5.00 Item closes on 10/18 1:00 PM.

The winner will get the ammo at the next LIF get together.
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phumb said:
nice idea, I'll go 21 :X
Thanks Phumb.

Ok, the bid to beat is $21.00
bump to $30.00...next?:fight
Nice work!

Now we have $30.00

Still a bargain for 100 rounds of Winchester 9MM ammo.

The winner of this auction will have the following added to their signature line:  "Winner of Long Island Firearms First Freedom Fund Auction"
Thanks M14Bulletts
T.Webb said:
Thanks T.Webb

Now the price to beat is $40.00
The price to beat is still $40.00.

Remember, all proceeds from this auction go to The Freedom Fund.
$45.00!! Can I bump myself ??
T.Webb said:
$45.00!! Can I bump myself ??
I DO NOT THINK YOU CAN DO THAT so i will help you out 44.99
I DO NOT THINK YOU CAN DO THAT so i will help you out 44.99
Thanks. :) :)
I bid $75.00
Nice. Thanks Foosel!

A generous bid of $75.00 from Foosel.
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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