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Wife accidentally shot.....twice

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I really can't stomach any story that includes "then the gun went off".

LOUDON, N.H. -- A 44-year-old Loudon man has been charged with reckless conduct after police said his gun fired while he was cleaning it, injuring his wife.
Gina Hillson, 49, was found with gunshot wounds to her abdomen and leg.
Police said she was the one who called 911. She was taken to Concord Hospital and was listed in stable condition.[/color]

"Mr. Hillson was actually cleaning and removing rounds from the firearm, at which time, according to him, it's alleged by him the firearm went off and struck Mrs. Hillson," said Lt. Mark Armagenian

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"I was trying to empty the gun. But I ran out of ammo."

Safety Rule No. 1: Always keep the gun aimed in the direction of your spouse.
Why would the guy be pointing the gun in the direction of anyone while cleaning his firearm.  Even a child would understand that basic concept.
Cleaning your gun really throws off your aim. Betcha she is dead in 5 years. Or him. One of the neighborhood hoods suicided yesterday. He was known for beating the wife. She may have helped him along...... All my wife had to say was good, she is better off now. Ladies are ruthless.
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