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which to use?

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Im going to be building my own archery target. Its gonna be out of treated wood and a back stop of 1" playwood so its gonna have 9" of material in it. Its gonna be 4x4 and was thinking of which material to use. I want to either use expanded polystyrene insulation or "self healing" foam. I know i can get the insulation from any lowes or homedepot but i dont know where to get the self healing foam from. I am also open to suggestions

Was looking to build something like this...
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I used to make my own targets back in the 80's but we just stacked cardboard pieces and put a 2x4 on top and bottom with holes drilled in the ends and used rope to pull it tight.
The key was to shoot at the stacked layers not the flat side. No such thing as mckensie back then or memory foam for that matter.
Depending on what you shoot, 9" aint gonna be enough, the foam will probably stop the arrow but not before it hits the backstop. Just use enough foam and no plywood backstop.
Check out "The Block" target pretty cheap and last forever, unless the project is part of the fun.
Babaloo said:
unless the project is part of the fun.
Yep thats exactly what i had in mind. But i would have to find a place to keep it when its raining or else they become destroyed doing it this way allows me to keep it in one place. It would be treated so i dont have to worry weather. It also allows for more targets so i can beat my brothers but in competitions. Best part about it is that i can swap out the foam any time it becomes to damaged.
My sons took an archery class through the PBA this past spring.  It was inside a large gym at a local high school.  The made the stands out of PVC & were made to be broken down quickly for storage.  The foam was attached to an upper & also a lower tube.  I'll try to find a pic, not sure if I have one.
Found this from a couple of years ago...
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