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Which Leupold?

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I am a big leupold fan have few vx-3 scopes. I just bought a tikka 223 and making it a long range (300-500 and maybe even further distance) varmint / target rifle. I like the quality of leupold but the biggest magnification I have in my leupold scopes is 10x so I have no expeience with higher magnifications. I am looking at few scopes from leupold. There are 3 groups I am considering each group has few scopes with slight diff like max magnification (20 vs 25) and scope aperature (40 vs 50 vs 56). I just would like to know for my purposes which one would be better. Here are my choice

Vx-3L. 6.5-20x 56
Vx-3. 6.5-20x 50
Vx-3. 8.5-25x 50
Vx-3. 6.5-20x 40
Mark 4 LTR 6.5-20x 50
Mark 4 LTR. 8.5-25x 50

I understand that bigger bell = more light but since i will be shooting mostly during the day it will come down to a price (or should I say what I can get a better deal on). I would like to know of anyone had experience with some of the scopes mentioned above and how do they compare. I really like the look of vx-3L but I would like to know your experiences with that and other scopes mentioned above
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I have about 5 VX3 6.5X20X40 and 1 6.5X20X50

On a 223 that is all the scope you will need

With the 50mm objective you will need to use high rings....

I like to use the lowest rings I can without having the bell touching the barrel

Here is a pic of both

The 40mm is on a 40XB in 220 Swift
The 50mm is on a 40XB in 22-250


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I also have a Nightforce 5.5X22X56 that is just sitting in the safe in the box NIB that I might be willing to part with if you want to step it up a bit from a Leupold
I was considering vx-3l that model has 56 bell But has a a cutout that allows it to sit lower
I have  mark 4 in 6.5-20... I love it, I personally like it more than some of the night force scopes I have shot with in the past... I can't compare to any of the other leupolds you mentioned because I have never used em before
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