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What's wrong with this robbery?

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What's wrong with this picture?

When a gun-wielding bandit robbed a doughnut shop in San Diego earlier this month, he not only used a gun to get what he wanted, he also used another "weapon:" bottles of soap. That's right, the criminal forced the lone clerk in the store to gulp down multiple bottles of liquid soap in an attempt to get the employee to divulge the combination to safe. The clerk didn't know it - so he kept drinking:

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why soap? did the clerk say filthy words?
The gun doesn't look racked?
Not only is it out of battery,  the slide is locked in the open position.  Can somebody say "Inside Job"?
Inside Job ? Nah !!
the poor slob drinking the soap probably has no idea what a real gun looks like. And at 5:00am there's no money there. An inside job would be at the height of " cash on hand " time. This was just bad luck for the opening employee
wow if the clerk knew about firearms he might have noticed the gun wasnt loaded and the chamber was open.
Is the victim wearing an LIF shirt?  ??) ;D 8) Kidding!
Shows the competence and intelligence of the thief.  If he were any smarter he may have a real job.
Thank the maker that the repressive gun laws in california keep upstanding wealth redistributors like that one safe from harm. Had the store clerk have been armed he could have posed a threat to his well being or at the very least hampered his ability to purchase drugs.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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