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what to get for a first bow?

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i wanna get a bow and start bow hunting. i am a beginner and i dont know what to get or what is a good bow. any suggestions?
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one like this is decent, only prob is you have to wear the outfit when firing it.

here's some buyer's guides.

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I would recommend you go to SMITH POINT ARCHERY In Patchogue talk to Dave he will make sure you get the best set up fr you
Buy the best you can afford, so you're not buying again later. season is almoat over, it's kind of late to get started this year. you might want to wait for some sales.BLACKHEART
this is only November 8th he has till December 31st if he buys the bow this week and shoots 20 yards with it i figure he will have at lest 6 or 7 more weeks to bow hunt on long island lots of spots for him to go to
PaPaBear said:
I would recommend you go to SMITH POINT ARCHERY In Patchogue talk to Dave he will make sure you get the best set up fr you
I agree Smithpoint is the place to go. One stop ,they have all you need ,Dave is a excellant tech and will set the bow up right for you. You can shoot there get the correct arrows and you are good to go.
Anybody have a link for SmithPoint Archery. I'm looking also.
rocknat said:
Anybody have a link for SmithPoint Archery. I'm looking also.
smithpointarchery.com or call 631 289 3399
Smithpoint is a good shop. Dave and Jared know their stuff
SmithPoint is an excellant shop. I have known Jeff, Jared, Dave and Frank for twenty years and shot their leagues and trophy shoots for many years. I also been on many of the organized hunts that Jeff runs. They have every bow but Bowtech, so I am sure you can find a fit.

If you are set on Bowtech, The Archery Forum in Middle Island carries them.

Buy the bow that fits you best, both in your hand and wallet.

Good luck and welcome to the great world of archery.
most American made brands are good .
start with a single wheel and not to aggressive , have a knowledgeable person measure you up for the draw length . I would buy a middle class bow , as you get more experienced you will want a newer different bow. also release's are important to learn about and how to shoot as you will be using muscle you normally do not use. When you buy the bow get a target to shoot at recommend a deer target if you can so you get used to shooting at the right spots and can see how the arrow can go through the vitals

so much to learn so much fun
your draw is your wing span divided by 2.5. so the bast way is to have someone help you. Put your finger tips in the corner of a room and spread your arms out straight for a wingspan. Have another person mark or hold their finger on the tip of your  other hands pointing finger. You step away and put the tape on the corner of the wall to the mark or buddies finger. That is your wingspan. If you are a 65.5 inch span you divide this by 2.5. You will get 26.2 inch Draw. This means you can shoot either a 26 inch Dl or a 26.5 inch DL. If you're young and growing I would opt for the longer. IF you're done growing I would get the shorter DL. I like a shorter DL better then a longer one. It seems to shoot more comfortably. Good luck and happy shooting.
Is this the shop off on main street in Patchogue?  Near the 7 11?  What's the average cost for someone new to bows?
Bow price different on the bow you want

yes thats the place go talk to Dave
yes smithpoint archery is a great place to start. they will accomidate you in your wallet as well as expierience and will not force you to spend more then what you need to. I bought my first brand new bow this past spring from them. PSE Stinger. great bow, love it. Dave set it up, while he is a Martin pro he told me that the bow I chose was better for me then any of the others due to my needs. Also if you purchase a new bow from them they throw in a year free shooting at there indoor range.
Price i paid for the bow and half dozen arrows...$675.00. I have since upgraded the strings, cables, sight, and rest.
Good luck with your purchase. Also a good release is a must.
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