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What optics for LWRC M6A1?

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I am new to the evil gun scene and am having a tough time getting familiar with the optics that could be mounted on the m6a1. I would like to still be able to use iron sights as back up. Can someone steer me in the right direction. Thanks
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Do you own the LWRC? if so I'm jealous. As for optics I use an aimpoint compML2. I find it to be awesome but, I made myself use iron sights for the first several months with my AR and I have to tell you I got very used to them. It's a whole readjustment getting used to a red dot sight. I'm happy I did that through the advice of some people on this board.

If you own it how do you like the LWRC?
yes I own it. It is really sweet.  I have been shooting with the iron sights but would like some type of optic also.
Glock life what mount would you use for the compml2? Would you still be able to use the iron sights. Is there a sight that would put a red dot  but stillbe able to look through it at the iron ones?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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