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what is a good carry handle mount for Scopes?

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What are you guys using and who did you get them from?
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I wanna know too, the one I got the show is crap, keeps moving around.
I saw this for an AR...works on both flat top and carry handles.

I got a carry handle scope mount it works ok but I have to tighten the balls out of it to keep it from losening up when shooting.
I also find it puts the scope to high for my preference.
Got mine from Brownells.
Don't remember the exact brand, but it's a see through, so your irons are gtg.
Installed it with Blue loctite, probably have around 1,500 rounds through with it mounted, no movement
at all.
It does raise the optic pretty high, so I also got an ajustable cheek piece that helps a lot.
Hope this helps.
^^ Yes it helps alot!! I was looking at the one Brownells has,I just wanted to see if anyone had one and how it was working for them!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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