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What’s the deal with this 18 Hour Class, educate me.

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Excuse me if there’s another thread on this but I’m not on this forum often.

I get we all need to sit tight and see what happens with the licensing laws / carry classification but in the meantime this class thing is never going to go away.

I find it completely unacceptable that of the two places I found offering this 18 hr class on LI, they are charging $800 and what it has to be retaken every three years?

I don’t care what kind of instructor you are they should be doing everything to facilitate this process not impeded.

why are the classes in western New York and upstate ranging from $110-$340?

that being said does anybody know where else we could take the class?

please excuse the rant my PTSD is very agitated because of this.

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Educate me on this.....I go to Yaphank and then wait 8 weeks or I can go to Riverhead and get it right away? What's with that?
Eastern Suffolk residents with pistol licenses from the Sheriff walk in with their training certificate and get their "Carry" right on the spot. The license will change from "Sportsman" to "Concealed/Rifle...Type: Carry."
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And Komorowski says he can't do that because of computer software. He also can't/won't ask the Sherriff for help. I've added FUMK to my bitch list.
I need some positive things to start happening because I'm losing all my positive steam.
The positives things are a bunch of lawsuits going at a good clip that are likely to have favorable outcomes. More people have full carry licenses in Suffolk than every before. that's also a plus.
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This is pretty confusing, and do i have to take a renewal class every 3 years for a Concealed Carry? And what will the renewal cost? NY‘s dopey law has the unintended consequence of more people than ever getting carry permits, fine with me but that probably wasn’t their intention.
No it's a one shot deal. You have to take the course before getting a carry permit issued to you. It is not required in the text of the CCIA or additional regulation for you to do so upon renewal or otherwise taking it multiple times.
Is it true that without cow class after august your sportsman permit becomes a premises only permi?
Everyone's answer so far to your question has been pretty comprehensive and we've been talking about this on the threads back and forth since September 1 (when the changes kicked it). Like a civil service tests over overlords take to rule over us, there might not always be a "good" answer, but we can provide the "best" answer.

To recap, condense, and summarize:

The license you had before is the license you have now: a permit that allows you to legally carry a gun everywhere that isn't a school, court, federal building, sensitive, or restricted location. The issuing agencies are trying to tell you the rules are the same: they don't want you carrying other than to and from the range, hunting, etc. Blah Blah Blah. Not true. Nassau and Western Suffolk/SCPD do they by issuing the same license with the same Sportsman label. Eastern Suffolk (the Sheriff) is the only one that keeps the status quo by removing the word Sportsman and putting "Premises" instead....but the license continues to say "Carry." Licenses still renew every five years.

As RSL put it: "how can you tell someone that he can conceal to and from the range with a premises permit?" Well, you can't, but that's what they are doing. They are issuing carry permits with another name and no training.

What has legally changed is that if you take the 18 hour course, they will do away with all pretense of restricting you and make you renew every three years.
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My friend just received in the mail his Nassau County Restricted Target and Hunting Pistol License which will expire in 10 years. He’s going to take the training course if the Second Circuit rules private and sensitive locations is unconstitutional.
Man they are just breaking all sorts of good and bad laws, aren't they?
I just signed up to take the first part of NYS CCW Course with Renaissance which is giving the course in Westhampton Air Force base. It was the only one I could find that was even close to me. The course is in 2 parts on 2 days. First part tomorrow 5/6 is NRA Basic Pistol Shooting 8 hrs which is $185 . The second part on 5/7 is CCW Mandatory Safety Training 10 HRS which is another $385. You have to take both parts for the CCW however you can take take the first part only...and have up to a year to take the second part..I really want to take the first part ( NRA Pistol Shooting) for the safety training as I hardly ever get to the range to practice with my pistols and think the training would be a great idea however i am dubious about sitting for another 10hrs , and take a test which I could fail anyway , and be out $385 bucks for a CCW with all the stupid restrictions where you cannot carry anyway..Also I have to sign up for the CCW immediately after the NRA Course tomorrow or wait till the next class which is in December ???.. Very Strange....
That's an awful lot of time and money. And again, I don't think people should be bothering with the course at all.

However, if you insist, and you're planning on coming out to the Westhampton Air Force base, just go across the street to Suffolk County County Deer Management and get it done faster and cheaper.

I totally agree with you and was holding out thinking things may change in New York. But as I am getting way up there in years and the situation in this State has a slim chance of changing, anytime soon, if we don't get these Demorats out.... .In fact , i used to think Cuomo was bad but this woman in charge now is even worse and the Mayor ...is another story.Also ,I travel upstate quite a bit and thought It would be better to have than not to have. I can't believe that i didn't see or hear about the County Deer Management anywhere in my search for a place near me.The only place I found was Baits and barrels in Riverhead which was $795 and Dark Storm in Oakdale which was the same. Westhampton , where this is being held, is 5 minutes from my house and this was $200 bucks cheaper. But what 's done is done as they say and if I wasn't so damn old I probably would have waited because more that anything , I hate the thought of complying with all this crap we are being fed.
I started this course yesterday and they do it in a very strange manner as you have to take the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course first 8 hours($185 bucks) and pass in order to take the CCW Course ($395) which is today.. 10 hrs..very strange way of doing it. You can just take the NRA Course without the CCW Course which is what I was going to do but thinking about the situation in this State changed my mind last night and decided to finish it and take the CCW Course today.
Gotcha. To me the only problematic thing is the cost. I don't find they way they are doing it all that strange. In fact, I think it's pretty good and it's what I would want to do as an instructor.

The NRA course is 8 hours and very valuable in terms of information you get as a first time shooter or as a refresher. The NYS CCIA requirements are another 10 hours on top of that with additional material on top of that required by CCIA. Essentially these people sound like they are just giving you a certificate after your first 8 hours so you can continue with the remaining 10 or just bail early with your NRA cert and go get license in Florida or elsewhere....or just the knowledge you need to use a handgun.

If I myself, were doing courses (which I'm not yet), I would just give 8 hours worth of credit to anyone who shows up with an NRA basic pistol certificate. Or more if they show up with other defensive course certificates.
I thought I read that the CCIA actually allows that ( credit ) although not sure if it's hour for hour. I remember because I had taken the NRA Basic Pistol at Renaissance about 7 years ago and Renaissance said they would apply that course to the CCIA but you had to have taken it within 5 years...so I didn't qualify.
To clarify, the CCIA says nothing about "credit." Rather, it requires 16 hours of classroom training by a duly authorized instructor and then two hours of live fire, all of which has to comply with state requirements for time and topics covered. There is nothing that says such training must have been done within a certain time, certain order, or the same instructor. So, an NRA instructor gives you basic pistol 30 years ago, or you were in the military, 4H, or a hunter safety course, it is up to the instructor in 2023 to judge how much of the material you have covered and then deduct from the 18 hours accordingly.

If Renaissance is putting a five year cap on it, it's either because it is their policy (for whatever reason); or because they are misunderstanding the State's regulations enacting CCIA that says the licensing officer (not the instructor) can waive some or all of the training requirement if they have already taken training that equals or exceeds the new state-required training.

I went the Sheriff's Office today with my Certificate from the CCW course and it took a total of 5 minutes (yeah that quick) for them to hand me my new License which says :
So I don't know where all that talk about them putting Premises on the License came from...
If you do NOT submit the certificate, your Sportsman license will instead read:


It will be good for 5 years, instead of 3, and can be used as your Sportsman license.

For people living in the Western towns, their licenses will continue to read "Sportsman," including newly issued ones. When the computer software is replaced, that license will read "Dwelling" instead of Sportsman, but it can be used as Sportsman was. Rifles are registered on the back like pistols.
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Gotcha...Thanks for the clarification. This all gets a little convoluted and difficult to follow .
Oh boy does it ever!
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