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What’s the deal with this 18 Hour Class, educate me.

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Excuse me if there’s another thread on this but I’m not on this forum often.

I get we all need to sit tight and see what happens with the licensing laws / carry classification but in the meantime this class thing is never going to go away.

I find it completely unacceptable that of the two places I found offering this 18 hr class on LI, they are charging $800 and what it has to be retaken every three years?

I don’t care what kind of instructor you are they should be doing everything to facilitate this process not impeded.

why are the classes in western New York and upstate ranging from $110-$340?

that being said does anybody know where else we could take the class?

please excuse the rant my PTSD is very agitated because of this.

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We offer the 18 hour class in the American Legion Smithtown for $395 non members and $345 for members. We are doing one or two classes a month in the evenings from 530 to 1030. If you are interested in more info email [email protected] for more info
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You take your certificate to Yapank and five dollar check for ammendment. They will call you in about 8 weeks for 10 min interview and they change license to full carry.
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Educate me on this.....I go to Yaphank and then wait 8 weeks or I can go to Riverhead and get it right away? What's with that?
You can only go to agency that services your residence if you live in the eastern towns you are serviced by Sheriff if you live in Western towns you are part of SCPD and have to go to Yaphank.
New law required the 18-hour training. We offer it in Smithtown American Legion for $345 for Legion Members and $395 for non-members. We do it over 4 nights from 530 to 1030 first 3 nights and 3 hours last day. Our course is broken into 4 modules and if you cannot make one simply attend that module in the next class. We currently have classes scheduled in Jan and Feb. Jan date is 11, 12, 17, 19 and Feb date is 7, 8, 9, 10. email [email protected] for more info
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