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What’s the deal with this 18 Hour Class, educate me.

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Excuse me if there’s another thread on this but I’m not on this forum often.

I get we all need to sit tight and see what happens with the licensing laws / carry classification but in the meantime this class thing is never going to go away.

I find it completely unacceptable that of the two places I found offering this 18 hr class on LI, they are charging $800 and what it has to be retaken every three years?

I don’t care what kind of instructor you are they should be doing everything to facilitate this process not impeded.

why are the classes in western New York and upstate ranging from $110-$340?

that being said does anybody know where else we could take the class?

please excuse the rant my PTSD is very agitated because of this.

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And Komorowski says he can't do that because of computer software. He also can't/won't ask the Sherriff for help. I've added FUMK to my bitch list.
I need some positive things to start happening because I'm losing all my positive steam.
Winning the lawsuits, with the laws actually getting fixed, permanently, as well as being able to actually carry off my front lawn with a full carry license are positive things.
"Likely to have favorable outcomes", and having a useless CCW license that I have to pay hundreds of dollars extra for and renew 2 years sooner, are not. I have hopes for the future too, but they are only hopes, not tangible things.
Even the Bruen opinion from SCOTUS, which should be a positive thing, is not in actuality, until it's intent becomes reality.
I'll add this: I got my Sportsman almost exactly one year ago, so this is fairly recent info. EVERYTHING I have, ALL paperwork, including the NYS PPB-3, filled out by SCPD PLB, indicates, in writing, in ABSOLUTE terms, that my license is a Carry Concealed license with Sportsman restrictions. SCPD is trying to dodge that bullet, and say they are "changing" Sportman licenses to dwelling licenses. I call bullshit on that. No promises, but if I do go for a lawsuit personally, this one might be it.
Reality is that SCPD PLB does whatever the F they want, and continue to get away with it unopposed. At the infringement of our Constitutional rights, and our expense.
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I went the Sheriff's Office today with my Certificate from the CCW course and it took a total of 5 minutes (yeah that quick) for them to hand me my new License which says :
So I don't know where all that talk about them putting Premises on the License came from...
SCPD PLB is doing VERY different things than the SC Sheriff. I really wish I was in the Sheriff's jurisdiction.
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