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What’s the deal with this 18 Hour Class, educate me.

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Excuse me if there’s another thread on this but I’m not on this forum often.

I get we all need to sit tight and see what happens with the licensing laws / carry classification but in the meantime this class thing is never going to go away.

I find it completely unacceptable that of the two places I found offering this 18 hr class on LI, they are charging $800 and what it has to be retaken every three years?

I don’t care what kind of instructor you are they should be doing everything to facilitate this process not impeded.

why are the classes in western New York and upstate ranging from $110-$340?

that being said does anybody know where else we could take the class?

please excuse the rant my PTSD is very agitated because of this.

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Why is anyone here signing up for anything, and paying gobs of money to get something that has not been approved by the STATE. I am not paying hundreds of $$$ to find out the course will NOT get you your carry endorsement. You should not have to take the course, let alone pay a Ludacris amount to get instructed. I'll chill, and wait to see what is in store for us peasants.
I agree.

First, I don't think the training aspect is going to hold up as Constitutional given text, history and tradition. While a training requirement has never been challenged (that I'm aware of) this is post the standard of review established by the Bruen decision.

Second, on what basis was this standard established?

Third, why are individuals in some counties exempted from training? This is a state carry license. Why would where you got the license have anything to do with whether or not you should be required to have this training. Without a very good reason it's arbitrary and capricious.

And last, until the sensitive places issue is corrected you have a concealed carry license to carry when and where? How practical is it to have this license given the current sensitive place restrictions?

And finally, finally, why bow to the tyrant in Albany?
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Is it true that without cow class after august your sportsman permit becomes a premises only permi?
The county can't create license types. They can add restrictions although in my opinion the restrictions are unconstitutional. Putting that aside the sportsman license is a concealed carry license with restrictions. If you take the training course the county imposed restrictions can be removed.

When I first got me license it said "conceal carry" and had sportsman stamped on it. Over time Suffolk removed the words concealed carry and showed sportsman as the license type. Of course we know sportsman is not a valid license type according to PL 400.
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