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Vortex scope

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Does anyone know anything about vortex scopes?? Is quality good. I was told they are close to leupold but find hard to believe because they seem way cheaper in price. Want to mount one on a .308.
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Have one on my remy 308 and love it.  Glass is much cheaper than nikon or leupy but just fine for the price.
Looked long and hard at Vortex.
Their good stuff rivals the top of the line offerings from the big names.
I've also been in touch with their customer service folks who proved to be top notch.
I believe the person I dealt with was Tom Leatherberry. Patient and knowledgeable.
I managed to find a local NY dealer with some outstanding deals.
Mind you, I haven't been comparison shopping for many months.
seriously though greg get the vortex crossfire from swfa.com if you go that route.  $99.  
Looking at diamondbacki think it is maybe
Went with vortex diamondback 4-12x 40mm with adjustable objective. Hope it's good. See nothing but great reviews for them.
My buddy has one never has anything bad to say about it.  Looks cool nice glass I also have been thinking of getting one.  That or a Bushnell TRS micro dot.
SWFA.com was excellent to deal with for Vortex and they run specials all the time.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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