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Vortex Rifle Scopes ??

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Anyone know anything about Vortex Rifle Scopes ??

I just picked up a new-in-box 4-12 X 40 with the Dead hold BDC from a buddy at the range.

I'm thinking of putting it on my Ultra-Light .30-06 hunting rifle for Colorado.
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Cant help ya on the scopes but FWIW, their binos can rival some of the best...I'm guessing they have diffferent quality model scopes like the binos....
...just did a quick search, they have a razor and viper line for scopes just like the binos, those are most likely great glass!
I have a Viper 2-7 on my Beowulf.  It has held up well.  Good bang for the buck.  I would stay away from the Crossfire line as Vortex says they are intended for rimfire applications.  They have a good warranty and have developed a pretty strong rep for delivering a good value and great customer service.
The PST line packs some nice features for the price. Optically it could be better. Made in the Philippines I believe. All in all not a bad product. I was playing with one the other day. I don't like their zero stop. You need to use brass shims in the turret assembly. Seems clumsy to me.
I put a Vortex Sparc on one of my ARs. Obviously not the same type of optic that you'd have on a hunting gun, but I have
to say that for the money, it has held up well. I was pleasantly surprised overall with the quality.
I think we'll be seeing a lot more of the Vortex products as they keep clawing their way into a crowded marketplace
with decent products at a good price point.
I have a Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP on a Savage 110BA in .300 Winmag.
Boxed the adjustments, all accurate. No loss of zero through full magnification range, clarity is fine for a scope of this price, especially for my bifocal eyes.
I've recommended them several times as good value/quality - at least this particular model.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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