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Vortex optics

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Purchased the Vortex StrikeFire 2nd generation about a month ago and am very impressed in the quality of this product. Its pretty much an aimpoint clone but a high quality and has a great warranty. The Warranty is Lifetime and they will exchange it for a new strikefire for any reason. Mounted it on my AR and am very happy with its ability to hold zero. Dot is very bright and gets much brighter with the controls. Has auto off feature in case you leave it on. I read some reviews on arfcom and they did some thorough testing and found it to be very durable and withstood all the tests they threw at it. From sand to snow to water.

I actually just ordered the Vortex Sparc which is their new optic that is about half the size of the strike fire. Im going to take the strike fire and move it to the Rails on my Saiga and use the new SPARC on my AR. Very excited to get it on Friday.

Anyone else have a vortex product?

BTW both these sights come from vortex w a free mount and 2x magnifier. Free shipping on a few sites too
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