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Just dropped off an application to volunteer at the Historic Flight Museum at Paine Field, Washington State (where they make Boeing planes). It's dedicated to planes from 1927 to 1957. I've got a background in marketing and public relations/writing and I think I'm gonna be able to help, have some fun and be around some really cool airplanes.

Look forward to explaining that period of aviation to folks plus tell some stories about this old time flier we adopted as a grandfather to my kids.

(His name was Louie Meir and he flew on LI from 1919 to around 1937 out of Curtis Field. Helped roll the Spirit of St. Louis out of the hanger the morning Lindy flew, was a test pilot for Igor Sikorsky before he started perfecting the helicopter, and was a skywriter in a WWI plane.)

I used to fly a bit with my uncle out of Zahn's airport many years ago but could never find the time to get a license. Now I can at least be around them and have some fun.

Here's a couple of pics of what they have and of Louie Meir from the 20's.


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