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"Victim" Shot While Robbing Convenience Store

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I guess, since guns commit crimes, the clerk ... uh "murderer", should not be held responsible.


Person fatally shot in North Toledo
Victim was suspect in apparent robbery attempt

Toledo police are at the scene of a convenience store robbery in North Toledo where one person has been fatally shot.

The deceased was identified by police as Lamar Allen, 25, of Toledo.

The incident occurred about 9:45 a.m. at the Express Carryout, 1920 Mulberry St.

The two adult male suspects were in the process of emptying the store's cash register when the clerk fatally shot one of them, said Toledo police Sgt. Joe Heffernan. The victim, who was struck multiple times, collapsed right in front of the counter.

It was unclear whether the second suspect, who fled the store, was hit by a bullet or got away with any cash. He was last seen running toward Stickney Avenue.

The robbery attempt happened about 9:45 a.m. and just as the store had opened for the morning.

The clerk, whose name police withheld, was working by himself at the time.

The robbery attempt was caught on a store video camera. Forensic experts are reviewing the tapes.
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OH NO!!! Not another church going choir boy honor student shot! What is the world coming to? sarcasm off
Poor guy......just went out to steal some money and beat the crap out of some undeserving mininum wage clerk and got shot to death. I'm certain that this was a case of socio-economic distress that made him do it.

Everyone spill a little Colt 45 out of their 40 oz. for a fallen homie.....
Shooting victims are often perps. Every driveway victim that was actually targeted.
Victim my a**!
Nobama just lost another vote
I love the truly pathetic and idiotic comment by "RadioVision":
And as usual the Republicans cheer the death of another human being killed by a gun. Apparently the small amount of money in the cash register is worth killing a person over.
Not a new sentiment. When was Les Miserables written?
At least the comments seem to be getting it right.  :-/
Guy was a jerk he deserved it
warmnfuzzyar said:
Guy was a jerk he deserved it
wait a minute - now you are going from being a jerk = jail time to being a jerk means you should be shot ?
tough crowd ...
Using 'Victim' in the article is just SO wrong..  
In the sinkhole he'd be charged, guilty, and sued civilly!!
Was either thief armed or reasonably believed to be armed?  Had the clerk been physically threatened in any way?  Was the clerk even present when the thieves began to access the cash register or had he stepped away to go to the bathroom or have a smoke?  Was there some reasonable action that the clerk could have taken to halt the robbery short of taking a life?  None of these questions are answered in any way by the article.  IF (and that is a big "if") the clerk had no reasonable belief that he was in physical danger, and made no effort to halt the robbery before opening fire, killing under the circumstances was not proper (I don't know what the law in Ohio is  . . . I say that more from a moral standpoint).   We really need more information about this incident before we either praise or condemn the shooter.      
there were shots exchanged...i believe i remember hearing about this from fox
This event happened several days ago.  There have been many articles and news broadcasts about it since.  I've been reading and listening to them since my last post above (including Fox's report).  There is not ONE mention of the thieves being armed, much less shots being exchanged.   Under Ohio law, leathal force only can be used if someone reasonably believes their life to be in danger (or that they be in reasonable fear of serious physical harm) and there is no reasonable opportunity for retreat.  The clerk has not been arrested and so various commentors are assuming that he properly shot and killed one of the thieves, but the police have not commented on the same or released any additional details regarding the shooting (at least according to the articles I have reviewed and the news broadcasts I have watched).  I'd be interested in seeing if anyone finds any information regarding whether the thieves were armed.  Please post a link if you do.    
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