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Vickers Elite Battlesight For Glocks

Posted 3 hours ago
in Optics, Pistols, Reviews by Phil White

I was talking with Larry Vickers last week on the subject of pistol sights. Specifically I wanted to talk with him about the new Glock sights he worked on with Wilson Combat.
Larry told me he prefers a rear sight with a fairly wide U notch and a fiber optic front sight. Ideally he prefers a dot over the dot variety. This type of pistol sight is very fast on target and makes one of the best if not the best pistol sights you can buy for a defensive pistol. At least that's my firm opinion.

Vickers related this project of design, selecting material and working out numerous other details has taken almost a year to complete and get the final product in Wilsons catalogue. Larry said when Wilson put them for sale online the first batch was sold out in less than half a day.

As you can see from the photos the rear sight has a near 90 degree angle on the front allowing the shooter to use the rear sight to work the action and chamber a round should one hand or the other become disabled. The rear sight fits the factory Glock dovetail. I had to file a small amount but had the rear installed in about twenty minutes. Once the sight is lined up properly the user tightens two screws on top of the sight locking it securely in place.
The front sight can be purchased with a fiber optic insert, Tritium insert, plain and gold dot. The front sight comes in two sizes. The correct size for full size Glocks is the .245 while the compact model 23 I use takes a .230 size sight. Installation of the front sight is simple. Use a Glock front sight tool to remove the old sight then place the new sight in securing it with the shorter screw that comes with the Vickers/Wilson sight. Before putting the screw in the front sight use a small amount of medium Loctite to ensure it stays in place. That's all there is to it. It's a half hour project at most.
If you note in the photos the rear sight has a lighter colored steel insert which is U shaped like the notch. This is a real plus making it even faster to line the sights up. The retail price is $49.95 for the rear sight and $39.95 for the front fiber optic sight. The other front sights vary in price depending on the material used for the dot.

I have U notch sights on almost all my pistols so I've gotten very used to them. These sets of sights are the best I've used. The lighter gray insert in the rear sight makes it faster on target than the plain U notch. The fiber optic isn't terribly large which to me is a good thing. Some companies make the fiber optic so large they fill the notch in the rear sight.

I'm leaving these sights on my Glock 23 and should they be offered for the 1911 I'll swap my current sights for these. The price certainly makes it affordable to change your sights on more than one gun.
Have a look at this sight system on Wilsons website at Vickers Elite Battlesight
- See more at: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/06/10/vickers-wilson-combat-glock-sights/#sthash.iFlKlNuK.dpuf
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