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Vacationing NYPD detective shot in Miami

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I am curious to find out the whole story to this. It goes to show that if he was the intended target for a robbery that at least he was able to protect himself with his firearm. I doubt NY will ever change its view to the right to bear arms for personal self defense however.
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You just gotta love the fact that the rat squad is trying to get a warrant for his blood to see if he was intox. Freakin Campisi is such a doosh!!! Cant wait till hes the subject of an investigation and no one is there to help him. Speedy recovery to the detective. My prayers are with him and his family.
I was in Miami Beach last week. On the surface, it looked like an amazing place to be. However, after roaming the city for a week it seemed like the bowels ran black and deep in that town. I imagine all of the tourists alone probably fuel a booming demand for drugs.
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