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Utah Permit

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My Utah Concealed Carry Permit arrived today. I must say it is a much nicer looking item then my Suffolk Permit.
That was from the Aug class.
Thanks again Foosel!
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Still waiting on mine........congrats
Still waiting on mine...Congrats!

It was a good class and Foosel's a good guy! Recommend it.
Conrats...I'm still waiting for mine as well.  Hopefully the rest of us get ours within the next few days.
my utah permit came saturday the 8th I used the utah class for florida it came 3and a half weeks later good deal thanks chris time and money well spent
Enjoy them!
Hey, I'm new to the site..so hello everyone. I'm very interested in attending the class, so if anyone has knowledge of the next class here on the island & how to register for it, I would greatly appreciate. I saw something bout a December class. Thanks & stay safe. ~bjn78
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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