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U.K. Police Arrest Dad for Killing Armed Intruder!

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In the bizzaro world of the UK legal system, a homeowner defending his family stabs and kills one armed intruder. He is then arrested for murdering one of the 2 armed criminals with that criminals own weapon. The other burglar fled.

"A DAD who was arrested on suspicion of murder after a burglar was stabbed to death was bailed today.

Two knife-wielding intruders burst into the home of company director Vincent Cooke, 39.

Burglar Raymond Jacob, 37, is believed to have been stabbed with his own knife.

Mr Cooke was later arrested in Bramhall, Cheshire. His wife and son fled the house unhurt.

Cops bailed Mr Cooke today pending further inquiries."

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This article has been discussed before, but the article that I just read needs a comment: ITS AN EFFIN TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE AND OF SLANTED REPORTING! Eroupe supposedly has stringent privacy rules, and yet the victim, his household, and his business are very well described (note to future home invaders). There is a photo after photo and blurb after blurb from the burglars family and friends! Nothing from the vitim and his family, as if they are to blame for the death of this "...poor downtrodden burglar..." What kind of criminal system does England have that presumes guilt and arrest before innocense and an investigation?

This is yellow journalism at its worst! God help the British!
Sad to see a country that fought two world wars, stood up to Nazi Germany, endured the bombing of London and once colonized and ruled a vast stretch of the known world come to this...

I guess the sun does set on the British empire..
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