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Tru Glo 4X32

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My GF bought me a scope for my rifle after I took her shooting. I was wondering has anyone else used the tru glo 4x32 scope, and how do you feel about it. I haven't had time to go to the range and sight it in, but I can't wait until I can.
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I finally got a chance to take the new scope to the range, and attempted to sight it in. This scope didn't even last 10 rounds before the internals became canted. I just shot them an email, and we will see what they do for me.
good luck, I have never used one but have seen them at Dick's sporting goods
I put a $25 bushnell Wallyworld scope on one of my mausers that I shoot alot. I didnt think it would last long at all. Shot about 300 rounds of  hot Yugo ammo in the last couple years and the scope is fine,  Return your scope, there was something wrong with it.
I've got 2 Tru-Glo scopes. A 3-9 X 40 on an ultralight .30-06 and a 4-12 X 44 on my Mini-14. Both with illuminated reticles.

No problem with either one. I didn't think I'd have an issue on the light recoil-ng .223/5.56 Mini, but the hard kicking 6 pound .30-06 stood up to not only the recoil, but also to Jet Blue baggage handlers. I tend to shoot my hunting rifles more than most. So far the Ultra-Light has over 400 rounds through it.
P.S. The only issue with both scopes is that I always forget to turn off the illumination. If someone were to make illumination that automatically turns off after an hour, that would be a good idea.
Finally got an email back from the company. Have to see if Dicks will let me do an even exchange on the scope without a reciept or a package
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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