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Trijicon Night Sights

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opinions appreciated on trijicon night sights...thanks
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Have them on my G19, great sites, not too bright, not too dull..and they last for 10 years.
Have em on my Kimber, like he said, not too bright, not too dim, I like them.

Honeslty I don't know if I would have paid extra for them though, they came with the gun.

Just not sure (for me) they're worth the extra expense.

I know they are supposed to be very helpful in low light shooting situations, but in my mind if it's that dark that I'm going to need glowing sights to shoot effectively, it's probably too dark to see my target anyway.

But like I said, that's just me.
thanks for the information guys
I have them on two pistols, I am very happy with them.

For me they are a must for an HD gun and in conjunction with a flashlight you are ready for anything that goes bump in the night.
I have the Trijicons on my Glock G19, and the XS big Dot's on my .45 S&W. I like the XS'a better than the Trijicons.

The XS's are easier and much faster to aquire and get on target in lower light conditions.

If you want to meet up and check out mine, shoot me a PM. I'll bring the Glock and the Smith.
I love em, colors other than green have a shorter half-life though
Personally, I don't really like the 3 dot systems very much but they do have their uses. There are other (better, in my opinion) night sight systems like Heinie Straight-8 that are worth looking into as well.

And getting 3 dots of the same color can be an issue since it is possible to line up the wrong dots under pressure.
I have Trijicon night sights on my Glock 19 and 26 can't go wrong they glow bright in the dark just like there made to.  I like the dots over the stock glock rear sight that is a u shaped line.  
I have them on my s&w 5946, Dont really glow worth a hoot but they came on the gun. As per their use in a low light situation I would be more concerned with target identification."IN A FIGHT..FRONT SITE'  Some things just pop back in your head ;D
Does anyone know if you can put these on a glock 17 Gen 4? I just got one and am not sure.
i have them also on an M&P and a springfield XD. Definetely better that the regular sights.
I was never quite impressed with them, especially for something which gradually gets dimmer every year.  I like the Crimson Trace better.
I have Tru Dot, which I think are Meprolight, on my new MK9. They are big and bright.
I have them on my P228 (well, tritium sites, not necessarily Trijicon).  Personally, I love them and would not buy a handgun without them.
I have them on several firearms and they are GREAT!

Steve 'Cityrepo61'
I have them on my kimber i just ordered a set of the Tru Glo TFO for my glock i like them much better there tritium and fiber optic so they glow in both daylight and no light
I have them on my XD love them, I am going to put them on my other guns asap.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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