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I prefer the Moultire line and get them from Amazon or a Midway/Bass type outlet. You can see some of my different cams (video and still shots) in my backyard trailcam thread. Camera depends on your budget and features. I currently have 10 in my backyard (Moultire, Primos, StealthCam)


Primos is ok, and then you have some very high end stuff. Their is a lot of brand loyalty in cams. Hunters who grew up using Primos still go with that, and Moultrie guys go with Moultrie. Also check Midway/Brownells for sales. Sometimes they're as much as 50% when a new model comes out and check online reviews.

Reliability can vary from model to model (not necessarily brand). Cameras will glitch out. Many times there are "card reading" issues and they freeze up. You usually need to get a replacement from the manufacturer. They do glitch out over time, they are electronics in harsh conditions after all.

Figure out what you need (pictures, video, resolution, Non glare IR, wide angle, long battery life?) and do some research reading through the Amazon feedback reviews.

Here is a review of the Moultrie D-555i I posted which is great for HD video with sound.

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