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tools needed for a AR 15 build

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does anybody think harbour freight would have most of tools needed for a newbie like me to build a AR?
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No, but they can be had online or borrowed from someone here... You can probably buy a cheap flat nose punch set there and that will get you started, but you may need a stock wrench depending on what stock you use. If you plan on buying a complete upper, those are the only tools you'll really need. If your building your upper, you'll need a barrel nut wrench.
They won't have a barrel nut wrench, an action block for the vise, a castle nut wrench. Without those a build would be pretty tough. Punch sets and snap ring pliers, a vise, dead blow hammer, etc could be found there if you don't already have them. My advice would be to wait until you can afford and round up the correct tools for the job. Could build a lower with less specialized tools, and try and borrow what you need.
i figured they would nothave the wrenches. but the punches and nylon/brass hammer they would have
Midway looks like they have the tools too, not in one easy to buy $100 kit though
I have not invested in the tools for my build yet either.
Was hopping that it was not $100 in tools, but if thats whats needed to do the job right so be it
adco has a nice selection of tools. do yourself a favor and buy a roll pin starter set.

You really only need a bench vise (w/padded jaws and a few bits of wood) , a Strap Wrench, and a pair of water pump pliers (aka channel locks) to assemble a complete AR

(and a center punch if you want to stake the castle nut for a collapsible stock)

A pair of forceps or very small needle nose are handy for holding the smaller pins in place while you press them home.

If you don't have a strap wrench, you can make one with a old belt (or a scrap of serpentine belt, even better) and a pair of vise grips.

A set of allen keys will do for alignment tools, and a teensy weensy screwdriver helps get the fwd takedown pin in.

I actually prefer the WP Pliers press method over using punches and a hammer, as there's no chance of breaking the trigger guard ears, or scratching the finish at the bolt catch...

the other stuff DOES make it easier, but it's hardly critical.
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Vycor said:
That multi tool is great. I use the Panther claw block instead of the outside clamping one. But either works fine.

With those and a small set of roll pin punches from Harbor Freight you can build an AR. I started with less. Some of the other tools you see are nice for someone who plans to do a lot of builds but aren't necessary to get the job done.
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