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Anyone find anything cool or strange while in the woods? Personally, I've come across 2 Airsoft guns, clothes, a VWbug that was rusted away, an old Ford engine, some kids homework from the entire year at school (which I went and dumped back in his yard one evening) and other "garbage" not worth mentioning....


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needles, used condoms & beer cans.

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some kid's porno mag, old car parts, building foundation
As a side bar.

How many of us built "forts" in the woods as kids? We used to steal lumber from a building site and "build" a fort in the woods. I say "build" because it was a bunch of kids, one hammer, a couple of nails, some 2x4s and a sheet or two of plywood.

I bring this up because we all had the prono stash. Old wet books that we held oh so dear to us. Someone always had a pack of smokes from their old man, buy a loaf of bread and some cold cuts from the grocery store, maybe a can or three of Utica Club beer that we also stole from the old man.

Those were the days. Kids don't do that anymore, I feel sorry for them.

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My virginity, oh wait I lost that in the woods.
I can understand losing your virginity in the woods, but why did you have someone take pictures?!

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