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The Chicago way (of home invasions)

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3 slain in Darien home invasion
March 2, 2010 5:48 AM | No Comments


Three members of a Darien household were shot to death in an apparent home invasion early this morning, officials of the western suburb said.

Police Chief Robert Pavelchic said police arrived at the house in the 8900 block of Kilkenny Drive to find three people dead. Two of them were found on the first floor.

Detectives were talking to a young woman, apparently another family member, who called 911 to report the shooting shortly after 3 a.m., he said. She hid in a closet and made the call, police said.

Pavelchic said the house in the Tara Hill subdivision appeared to have been targeted. "The neighborhood is not in danger," he said. "This does not appear to be a random act. It doesn't appear there's a suspect running around the neighborhood."

Mayor Kathleen Weaver, who described the situation as a home invasion, said: "We are such easy targets being close to the highway (Stevenson Expressway)."

The identities of the victims were not released. One was an adult man and another an adult woman. The third person was not described.

No suspects are in custody, Pavelchic said.

A neighbor who lives across the street, Jennifer Mazzei, said the husband in the family owned a towing firm and his wife worked for a textbook publisher.

"I have no idea why they would be targeted as the police said," she said. "They were friendly people, outgoing. They extended themselves to us when we moved in."

Doesn't everyone on Long Island live just off of a highway?
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This saying comes to mind here.

"When seconds count the police are only minutes away"
This report is obviously a fake. Such a horrible event is simply an impossibility in Chicago due to their strict gun control laws.

Are they saying criminals do not care about gun control laws?! Preposterous!
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