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Tasco Scope Experience?

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(I hope it doesn't turn out that I made a big mistake)

I was walking through the sports section of K-mart and was looking at the ammo in the glass case (almost $40 for a box of Winchester .22LR CPHP) and saw a scope for $24. I went for it. It's a Tasco Rimfire 3-7x 20mm 30/30 Reticle Riflescope. I tossed it up on my Marlin and it fits, so that's good. Does anyone have knowledge or experience with this scope? I've wanted to find a scope to put on the rifle, but I've only seen optics starting at $60, so this seemed like a worthy investment. Or should I just return it tomorrow?

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As with most inexpensive glass, it is a crap shoot. I have a Tasco on my wive's 795, and it has been perfect. On the other hand, you have picked up one of the most inexpensive scopes on the market. Will it work? Probably, as .22LR has a minuscule amount of recoil. Will it last? Who knows. Will it survive any amount of rough handling, like being dropped, or bounced around in your trunk? Probably not.

My personal experience with cheap glass has mostly been negative. The Tasco on my wive's .22 is overkill, and it will probably be OK. The BSA on my 10/22 is 2-3 years old, and been great. I have also returned about 5 BSA's and Barska's over the last few years. No more cheap glass for me.
I figured the $24 was worth the gamble.  It seems like it should be fine, although I don't have much experience with scopes.  If anything, I figured that I'd get what I paid for.
Tried out the scope today.  I had a nice, tight group.  Unfortunately, the group was 12 inches below POA.  I turned the knob all the way up and all the way down and there was absolutely no difference.  I bought a broken scope.  Exchanging it for a new one ASAP and then trying it out again.  I used some colorful language...
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