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Has anyone else here had any experience with Talley? I have been using their Lightweight One Piece Ring/base combo for almost a year now on all of my scoped guns and am very impressed. The lack of room for error has made these one piece mounts a favorite for me. I am constantly mounting, shooting then dis-mounting(?) optics and these have made my life very easy.

Since I picked up my new SAKO TRG-22 which is equipped with a 1913 Picatinny the old mounts just wont work anymore. I was going to stick with my typical LaRue quick disconnect style mount but decided to switch it up. A quick call to Talley last week and here I am today with three sets of their medium rise Tactical Rings. I have to say I'm very impressed with the overall fit and finish of the rings, although I haven't shot with them yet I think i'll be happy.

I just wanted to share with the community the quality of Talley's Made in the USA products. If you haven't used them yet pick up a set for your next project, you wont be disappointed.

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