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T/C Pistol

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T/C Pistol 223 at 100 yards
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Anybody shooting T/C around here ???
WOW. What is that thing?
I used to get half dollar size groups at 100 yards with a 375 winchester hunter barrel very nice guns
I am new to this gun and I am allready hooked on it
I used to a lot, not much lately. I have a couple frames and a handful of barrels.

They can be spooky accurate.

A .17 Ackley Bee

This barrel frustrated me. It looked like it wanted to shoot, but wouldn't commit. lol
Still haven't figured it out. (100 yards)

309 JDJ

At the range 100 yards is would tease me with groups like this.

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I like PMC ammunition 55 Grs FMJ seams to work well
looking for accessories for T/C what do you have ???
I have a contender with a couple of barrels. 375 JDJ, 35 Rem, and 44 Mag. Looking to add 223 someday. Pistol is a real handful when you crank up the powder in the 375.
Tully I still have 3 (?) frames to sell, Contender, G2 and an Encore.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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