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SWFA SS 10x42 scope? Any thoughts

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I am in the market for a new scope and I've been reading great review on the SWFA Super Sniper 10x42 scope with side focus. Many reviews suggest that it rivals 800-1000 dollar scopes at a $399 price. I know they are made by Tasco and swfa has exclusive rights to sell them. It seems to have everything I'm looking for in a dedicated target scope (tactical turrets, side focus, ect.)

I was just curious if any of you guys have any personal experience with this scope.

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I have the non-side-focus model. Solid scope, great tactile adjustments holds a zero like a rock. Only complaint is it's a little dark in low light situations but that is normal for the lower end Japanese Glass.

I have a SWFA side focus 10x. Focus went bad, and Bushnell does the service for SWFA (probably manufactures it). Took 2 months to fix, most of which was waiting time to get to the front of the queue. Currently on the most accurate hunting rifle I own. It is a nice scope, but I have never learned to shoot it at long range with the mil dot. I also own a Leupold Vari X III with a mil dot that I consider to be a better scope with a better warranty. Neither is a $800-1000 scope IMHO.
Interesting. Would either of you recommend it, or should I just spend the extra $ on a better brand??
I believe that's the one a friend has on a Bench rifle. It's OK, nothing stellar.

For about the same money (or less) you could get a 3-9x50 Nikon, which is optically better to my eye, and not have the embarrassment of being a 'SUPER SNIPER!!!' ;)
Name really means nothing to me. I wouldn't consider the name of a scope as something to be embarrassed about. I read that they have a military contract for these scopes and I figured they might be worth a look. Buy I always live by the phrase "you get what you pay for" so this probably isn't any different
I think it is the best scope in that price range.   I had one on an sps tac and I was impressed with it.  I sold the gun and plan on getting a ltr and will get another SS without question.  There are better scopes out there, but of course they are more money.  
I have there 20xss scope on my rem 700P in 223. The scope is a good one. havent had 1 problem in the 4 years Iv'e been using it. one of the better tactical type scopes out there for under $300.00 bucks. It tracks right in the box testing, holds its zero, and has nice resetable target knobs. In my opinion its a hell of a lot better than that POS Bushnell 10x40 tactical scope. I'd buy another one if needed.
I had one mounted on my Remington 700 PSS for a while. Nice scope, I still have it if you're interested in a used one. It's the one without the side focus. Cash/trades accepted. PM me if you're interested.
I had a SS 10x42 the scope was no good for me maybe just that one. It tracked bad and could not take a beating it end up braking after about 2 years of use gave it to a friend he sent it to bushnell for repairs and never had a problem but he also dose not put it through the abuse i did. I know SWFA has some new SS scopes out there that are a little more money but have better glass than the old ones.
Just get the Valdada.  German schott glass for like $100 more.
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