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Suggestions for 10/22 optics?

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I am looking for suggestions for optics for my new 10/22 Takedown.  I am looking for something that I could use for plinking/paper punching at 50ft indoors to 25-50yds outdoors.  I had Tech Sights on my old 10/22 which were fine for what they are but I am looking for something other than iron sights and I am not sure what there is out there for rimfire.  I would like to spend less than $100 but a little higher would probably be okay.
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My sons ruger 10/22 wears a Bushnell Sportsman on top he has been very pleased with it. Your budget is the big part of it he only wanted to spend $50 - more money = better optics. Nikon makes a very nice rimfire scope (4x32) if you want to spend a little more then a $100 ($115) on ebay that would be a great set up for you 10/22 but then you wont have any excuses for bad shot's
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Vortex sparc,($200) or something from primary arms.
^^^^Yeah That!!
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