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Well, there really aren't any stores "in the Riverhead area" at all, except for Baits and Barrels which opened about a year ago on 25. I don't recall them having lowers, but they do have a website with a number of lowers, including Aero.


The aero they are selling with is $78. With tax that's about $85. Considering the wholesale price is at least $45-50, and you won't really find it cheaper online, it's like your ordered it online for at least $50 and then had a $30-40 transfer fee, which is cheaper than most and its right around the corner.

I was a Aero stocker dealer (father east) for several years during "the craze," but started dealing in Palmetto State Armory instead because they had better deals. No I'm very wary of PSA because their idiot account reps.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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