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Store that sells/experienced with WWII prop guns?

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I'm keen on PURCHASING a Plug-fire cap/"Modelgun" WWII era Luger or Mauser or a Walther P38 or some other distinctively German-looking pistol as well as 3-4 CHEAP (around $100 each, I've seen this price on the internet) replicas of the standard German rifle (the Kar98). Anyone know where I can get my hands on these? I live in Queens but plan on leaving the guns in storage in Nassau or safekeeping with somebody there.
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New Member - I see you are a brand new member with no posts. Perhaps you could stop by the Welcome mat and introduce yourself, before making posts looking to buy a item.   It lets members welcome you and know your interests first.      Our members are going to be mindful of the laws which may restrict your purchase, since you are a NYC resident.
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