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Springfield Armory Gov't Model 6x40 Scope.

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Anyone hear or know anything about these scopes? Mine came on the H&R Handirifle I bought. The seller said the scope may be a ".308 model". I did some research, and can't find any good info on these.
I can tell you is that I couldn't sight in the .243 with that scope, and gave up after a box and a half of ammo...
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and don't say 19 rounds of .308 and a bottle of Ketchup!
Already found and printed that info. I was thinking on trying it out on my Savage .308, except the bullets are 175 grain, and loaded hot...
I had figured you found that but could have hurt to repost.  GL with it
These scopes are for 308 match ammo, I beleive 168 (might be wrong,but I dont think so). Springfield Armory used to run a deal with these scopes when you bought a M1A.You got the scope, 2nd gen scope base,and rings, for about $225.00. I bought my rifle and scope package around 1999 or 2000.
There should be no reason you coldnt get it sighted in for yout 243. the only problem you would have is the bullet drop figures wouldnt match up.
'cause I couldn't see the bullet holes, and my spotter ain't worth the hot dogs I was feeding him! 13 year olds have the attention span of a Cocker Spaniel with ADHD...
I'm pulling that scope off, and putting a Bushnell 4-9x40 on it. Another range trip this Saturday...sigh...another $60 worth of .243 ammo down range....
So now your telling me you got a $200+ dollar scope with the rifle you bought for $150? damn it, I should have bought it.
I probably owe you a box of ammo.... :p

Did I mention it came with soft fluffy case? :X
Thanks , but not needed. Just if we cross paths at the range let me try it out.
Calverton, this Saturday around oneish. I'll put a sign "MR" in the car window...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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