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Spotting scope

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I've always used my binoculars which have served me well for many years. But my eyes are aging and I can no longer see the 30 cal bullet holes at 100 yards with them anymore. Can someone recommend a spotter scope that I don't need a second mortgage to buy? Something at or under $200-300 preferably. Feel free to tell me I'm being a cheap old man :).

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I have seen guys use cheap Chinese 4-24x50mm adjustable objective rifle scopes as spotting scopes. They run around $100-$150, and you can adapt them to a tripod fairly easily. My buddy has one on his rifle, and it's actually very clear and sharp.
Brian, err, what was that about cheap old man?
I bought a cheapo Bushnell some years back and it was a complete waste of money. magnification was so so - eye relief was rediculous - quality was exactly what it should have been for a cheapo.
I would hazard a guess that my eyesight is as bad or worse than yours.
But what I have found is that the mount is half the battle in getting the most out of a spotter. Those little tripods that come with a lot of them are ca ca for the most part and just in the way on the bench.
Tried big camera type tripods - pain in the burro - big, bulky, easy to kick off target.
Short of a Sinclair mount, which is on my Christmas list http://www.sinclairintl.com/.aspx/pid=37923/Product/Sinclair_Bench_mount_Scope_Stand
I have found that binoculars on sandbags still work for me.
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I have a $100 Tasco spotting scope that is just fine for spotting 22lr at 100 yards.
+1 on the tasco, got mine 30 years ago and it still works great.
I got a gander mountain scope om sale for $70.00 and its works just fine for me.
Thanks all for the replies
I brought a cheapo a few years ago and it failed on me in Colorado, when I needed it the most. But for range use, I see nothing wrong with getting an inexpensive scope.
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