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Spotting scope suggestions?

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Hey all I'm looking into buying my first spotting scope and could use some help.  First question is what do you guys prefer for shooting from a bench the straight eyepiece or angled?  I would like to be able to see .223 holes @ 200 yards, and I'd like to keep it around 400.  Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated!  
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at the range better off with an angled eyepiece. two people of different heights can use it without constantly adjusting the tripod.
speaking of tripods, but an expensive one. bogen or slik or something like that. a cheap tripod will make your scope wobbly. better of with a less expensive scope and a more expensive tripod.
My personal favorite is the Winchester, model WT-831, 20~60x80mm. If that's too much of a budget strain, look at it's littlest brother the 12~50x50mm, which is about one-third the price of its big brother. Also, there's an intermediate version, in 15~45x60mm, which is priced about equally between the big one and the little one. If you're ever going to use it indoors, the bigger is the better choice, by far.
This is my setup:


....with a Freeland Heavy Duty stand:


.223 holes are tough to see without a light background behind the target. With your budget, you could move up to the Konus 100. This is actually an amazing price, but I don't think it comes with a tripod. I paid $215 for my Konus 80:

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Your not going to resolve .223 holes at 200yrds well with a $400 scope imho, unless you can find a used Kowa tsn 82.  
Thanks guys, so i think i'm definitely going with an angled one since i do alot of shooting with my girl who is about about a foot shorter than me.  The konus seems to be a good option and your not the first person that mentioned them....
I like angled, but I like to shoot my string, stand, and check my dope. YMMV

the above note about a better tripod is 100% bang on. Take what comes with whatever you buy, and throw it away. even a cheap $25.00 'table top' tripod is going to be better.
Does anyone know about Vanguards?? the specs seem pretty good and the tri-pod it comes with actually looks decent...

Ok so im leaning toward one of these (Bushnell legend HD)

Anyone have experience with this scope?

Also can someone recommend a good table top tripod for me to get?
i got my konus 60X from b&H,,angled eye piece,,great for the money,,, had borrowed one at a high power match,,, no problem seeing 22 250 holes at 200 yards
Have you looked into the specs for any of the Celestron spotting scopes - they're pretty well know for decent astronomical telescopes....

Celestron 52252 22-66x100mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope
Ok, so i kinda got side tracked but i'm back in the market now. So iv'e come down to two scopes

A) a Celestron regal 80 F-ED http://www.opticsplanet.net/celestron-regal-80-f-ed-80mm-spotting-scope-52302.html

B) a Nikon prostaff 5 82mm scope http://www.opticsplanet.net/nikon-prostaff-5-spotting-scopes-20-60x-82mm-zoom.html

Celestron has a lifetime no-fault warranty, and nikon has a 25yr no-fault warranty.

So again I ask for your opinions, as too which route i should go or others if so thanks guys...
I did but i was just doing my shopping on optics cuz they have alot to compare, after I picked a model i was gonna hunt for the cheapest price, but thanks for the heads up though. :)
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