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Speed loaders for tube magazine rifles

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I've gotten some inquiries on the speed loaders I made for my Henry. The one I have is a 22 cal , but the same principal applies to any size round.

Went to Local hardware store and bought some aluminum tubing into which a 22 cal round would fit. (I suggest bringing a round with you to make sure you get the correct diameter tube). These happened to come in 4 ft lengths. I then cut the tubing into 1-foot pieces. DON"T USE A HACKSAW, because it will dent the tube. I used a pipe cutter - not too much pressure - cutting a little at a time. I then bought plastic caps that fit over the ends of the tube.

You then merely load up the tube from any end and cap it. I drew a picture of the round on the tube to show which direction they are loaded in.
When I'm ready to re-load, I pull the rod out of the magazine all the way, pull the end cap off the speed loader, tilt rifle slightly, and the rounds slide right in.

I don't know if it will work for all rifles, but it works fine for Henrys
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You're a genius. You should market this - you would make a fortune, well at least enough to buy more toys for your other addiction!
I can see this doing really well on HSN! ;-)

Submitted for your consideration:

Spee-D-Loader 120 Round Speed Loader, about $20 at



Of course, this one is limited to rimfire rounds. Have not seen a similar device for centerfire.
I saw those..................thats what gave me the idea
For a Winchester you would need a plunger to compress the mag. tube spring as the rounds were being pushed in. Great idea
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