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some more barrel jeweling

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Just finished doing some barrel jeweling on the Para 9mm Warthog I traded with Genghis Khan for here are some pictures:

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Steve, I forgot how to make the photos come up automaticlly, help
Thanks Pat for fixing that, what am I doing incorrectly when I post from photobucket?
No problem. Payment can be made in the form of barrel jeweling. ;D

Just use the box on photobucket that has the
AIRBRUSHART.  I have a question...  Back in my hot rod days in the '60's, we made custom engine gage panels with a process called "engine turning".  A round, slightly gritty object similar to a pencil eraser was put in a drill press and rotated briefly against a polished surface causing what looks like what I see in your 'pics.  I know that you make a living doing this and I am not asking you to divulge any trade secrets, but is this the basic idea for "jeweling"?  Thanks.
engine turning and jeweling is the same process. This work looks top notch. Very nice.
I'm also from the "60's" and raced on the streets as well as Westhampton, NY national & Islip drag strips, and yes its done the same way as gauge panels, only difference is I use a machinist drill press vise and have found that a quarter turn on my vise positions it for the next jewel, and you are correct we did call it engine turning. I don't make a living doing this, just like to play around and make my stuff a little different. A couple of things if you want to give it a try, the surface you plan to jewle must be polished to a high luster, next I use vale grinding compound 120 grit, wire wheels which I put heat shrink on so they don't flay out, or I use cratex wheels in a holder, these work good on a flat surface, this was my first rounded surface so the patterns are different than the jeweling on the LC9 & the S&W 629 hammer & trigger. In the 60's on flat panels I remember using 320 grit wet/dry sandpaper on the end of a dowel rod, do remember using valve grinding compound back then as well. As a matter of fact I still have more than 3/4 of a can of the same stuff that I use now.
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Pat test to see I did it correctly, yes, now I have to remember how to do it
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Thanks gentlemen. That is some pretty work. The more things change, the more they remain the same.
Labor intensive is the word here. Ahh maybe when I retire....
Photobucket has all the codes listed, just copy and paste it and your done. I just learned that you can't move the pic or it will disable the link, being that it's now in a different place.

Works from iPhone and iPad :)
Looks great.
OK FINE I'll ASK!!!!!!!! Since Nobody else will........
It looks great so ,How much do you want and where do I drop off my .45 barrel to you???

Jeez, everybody just ignore that white elephant in the room.......
I t never looked so good when I owned it.
Such amazing work.
Thank you guys for all the comments, only makes me want to do more stuff...............
airbrushart said:
Thank you guys for all the comments, only makes me want to do more stuff...............
When you run out of your own guns you know where to find me. I'll keep you busy until you need diapers. ;D
Pat, you will need to talk to my agent at 944 Willis Ave, by appointment only! LOL :donald
Great Job
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