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So Far No Arrests based on “sensitive” places restriction.

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Their was a story about a Maryland cop harassing a family from Florida on a traffic stop. He ran the plate and got the information back on the driver that he was issued a Concealed Carry Permit from Florida. Since the Safe Act, Police have better access through dispatch and the MDT in the Police vehicle. SCPD dispatch may advise responding officers to calls to service about a license pistol holder at the location.
No DA with any sanity would want to charge a licensed firearm owner for carrying a gun in a "Sensitive location". Attorneys like to go for cases they know they could win, anyone could literally just cite Bruen in court and have it taken up through courts.
It depends on the political agenda, we only have one known incident of someone using his pistol in a sensitive location to stop a crazed individual with a knife.
True, I could certainly see something like this being prosecuted in NYC because liberals like to overreach and usually it bites em in the ass.
The Governor and Mayor will talk about taking another gun off the streets. The good guy is the enemy to these leftist politicians!
1 - 3 of 26 Posts