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So Far No Arrests based on “sensitive” places restriction.

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Maybe they are adopting a “don’t ask don’t tell approach? But if you happened to get legally ID d in a place you are not supposed to be, it comes up CC holder on police scan. (I am told by an FBI source/friend) Wondering if license plate scanners also will ID car registrant automatically as a CC holder? Those are always in the on position in any cop cars that passes you or is behind you. Not sure on that?
I'm not surprised by this as there are many reasons that contribute to us seeing no arrests as of yet:

--The law is very new
--The vast majority of people do not carry a weapon
--The vast majority of pistol license holders do not carry a weapon
--A sizeable, but unknown percentage of those those that do are not carrying in a sensitive place.
--Of the minuscule number that are, they are doing so concealed and therefore extremely unlikely to be detected. (As an aside, in NYS, no, pistol licenses are not automatically tied to other databases.)
--If, under the very, very, very remote circumstance that a person is somehow found to be carrying in the sensitive place, the idea that the police officer will know about this law and make an arrest over it, is even more unlikely.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts