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So Far No Arrests based on “sensitive” places restriction.

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Maybe they are adopting a “don’t ask don’t tell approach? But if you happened to get legally ID d in a place you are not supposed to be, it comes up CC holder on police scan. (I am told by an FBI source/friend) Wondering if license plate scanners also will ID car registrant automatically as a CC holder? Those are always in the on position in any cop cars that passes you or is behind you. Not sure on that?
No. When they run your license in the computer it dings you as a CC holder.
Probably. But they would have no reason to look I suppose.
I lived in Utica back in 1995. It is an extremely pro 2A town. Most of the ADAs were packing even then. No way this guy gets anything except a medal.
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I’m hoping this DA has a press conference and public ally explains why he is using his discretion not to charge. It would counter the lefts obsession with making every thug who uses a gun in a crime front page news.
1 - 6 of 26 Posts