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Sighting in Scopes/Red Dots-Instruction

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A couple of videos showing quick and easy scope sighting in
From Remington

From the National Shooting Sports Foundation

And if you want to do it another way, here's a handy calculator in 5 PDF files - just print (page scaling set to none) on cardstock (or cut up a manilla folder) and put it together. Alternately, you can just use the MOA slide inserts alone.
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CORRECTION TO MOA SLIDE INSERTS - I noticed an error in the 2 inch group of "Distance Off-Center". On all 3 inserts, the 2-3/4 value of the 2 inch group read 3-3/4. These slide insert files correct that error.
Watched the first video, very easy way of sighting in and saves a lot of ammo.
Did you happen to check out the PDF files?...Especially the 3 corrected MOA files?
Geez, I must have been really tired last night. Here's a CORRECTED copy of the Back of the Sleeve - the file in the original post was too wide - I erased the wrong set of lines. This file is the correct width.
Gotta love all the info you can find on LIF.....and all the sharp pencils we have for members. :)
great post!
Just to be clear, these are all the Scope Sight-in Calculator CORRECTED FILES in one post....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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