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Shooting at a CA med school

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OAKLAND - At least five people were reportedly shot Monday at a Christian medical school in northern California.

Police were responding to reports of five victims at Oikos University, the Oakland Tribune reported.

Three apparently lifeless bodies were carried out of the facility, according to KNTV, but it was not immediately known if any of the victims were dead.

A public notice from the Oakland Police Department said the suspect may be an Asian male, possibly armed, wearing tan or khaki clothing.

Update: 3:05p ET - Claudia Cowan reported that the shooter is on the loose and he may still be inside the school where the shooting took place about an hour ago. She said the suspect is described as a Korean man in his 40s with a heavy build.

3:10p ET - Police just held a news conference revealing that a gunman came into the college this morning and fired shots. There are fatalities, although the number could not be confirmed. The area has been cordoned off for public safety. Students are still being evacuated. Police could not confirm if anyone had been arrested yet.

3:12p ET - According to police, it's unknown if the gunman is still inside or if he fled before police arrived.

3:22p ET - Shepard Smith reports that according to a tweet by the Oakland Police Department, the suspect is in custody. The tweet reads: Possible Suspect in custody. No imminent public safety threat appears to exist in immediate area.
But I thought in CA, schools were "gun free zones"
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Here we go again, when will this stop. Please say a prayer for the familes of the victims.....
Angie Johnson, 52, of San Leandro, said she was doing errands in the industrial complex when she saw a young woman leaving the building with blood coming from her arm and crying, "I've been shot, I've been shot."

Johnson said while she waited for medical attention the woman told her the shooter was a man in her nursing class who rose up and shot one person at point blank range in the chest before he started spraying the room with bullets.

"She said he looked crazy all the time," Johnson said the victim told her, "But they never knew how far he would go."
I thought you weren't allowed to have guns in colleges in CA?
Wow.....med school is really competetive.

Joking aside - another tragic event. I'm sure the media hawks will be looking how this can boost ratings connecting this to racism or the Tea Party or Bush. :-/
Very tragic. PeepSight is right...somehow Bush or the Tea Party will be at fault here. People aren't dying fast enough, so this fool has to come along and help out. My heart goes out to the families.

Too bad the suspect didn't resist. A lot.
Very sad. But just further proof that sheer amount of gun control laws (i refuse to use the word "strong") will not deter someone bent on comitting murder.

Sad none the less.
I'm sure there are shootings in Oakland on a daily basis, yet this one will be held up as proof for more laws..
Really? The Oakland PD passes important information in a "tweet"!
wreckhog said:
Male nurse=whack job
This one in particular, or all male nurses? A friend is retired NYFD, collecting his pension, and working full-time as an RN. A real whack job. ::)
Didn't the Brady people rate California as #1 as far as strength of their gun control laws.   How could this have happened?  
grifhunter said:
Didn't the Brady people rate California as #1 as far as strength of their gun control laws. How could this have happened?
You mean laws don't prevent crime?
.......... there would be no criminals if there were no laws.

If a tree falls in the forest .......
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