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Seattle Police, Police Brutality or Use of Force

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You make the call. Necessary use of force or Police Brutality.


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Looked totally justified to me....in fact, I think he took it easy of her.

But where was his backup? A crowd like that & 2 minutes is a very, very long time.
good for that cop  i would of beat her with my baton
Totally justified. When a cop says "stop"... STOP
Tough call, it really depends on the mob mentality and what's going down- thankfully the onlookers stayed just that-onlookers. what it really comes down to is if he believed he had no other choice for his own safety and absolutely needed to end the confrontation definitively in that moment. What was the original woman being arrested for-was it really jaywalking, for Pete's sake?? If his interaction with her isn't warranted, in my mind it sheds a different light on the actions of the friend and his reaction. And putting somebody in a pain-compliance hold for jaywalking just ain't right.

And let me tell you the cops in Seattle are NUTS about the sidewalks. I was home visiting and got a ticket for passing a closed sidewalk sign the day before my flight out, ran the 15 blocks to the city clerk to find out they closed for the day. I don't even remember if there were mail-in instrucrtions on the ticket (I don't think so). So about 5 years later I'm home in NY and my mom calls me saying she got some nastygram they are going to put a warrant out for my arrest. Riiiiight. I walked past a sign that had other pedestrians standing in front of it, and they had me set up as Public Enemy #1.

At the same time there are drugs and vagrants all over Seattle. Go figure.
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Lay a hand on a cop, it's assaulting an officer.
Pinky's boyfriend tried to keep her out of it. She's lucky that's all she got.
Fight a cop with words or in court, never physically. As much as it pained me to see him throw that punch, I can't fault him for it. I'd have gone for the taser though. No cop should have to wrestle with anyone.
She got what she deserved. when an officer says stop...STOP!

I dont understand why the cop didnt drop that first woman to the ground. If you cant control your suspect, put her on the ground and force her hands behind her back
Stupid B #1 Assaulted the officer by forcefully shoving him - he responded defensively by punching it in it's face.... should be up for assault on a PO, failing to comply, resisting arrest.... LEO's, what am I forgetting?

Stupid B #2 is in line for jaywalking apparently (which IMO is just a bogus 'legal harassment' item) failing to comply, resisting arrest...

The both of them - stupid, ignorant, low-class morons.

The officer should have followed the punch with a decisive tossing to the ground and handcuffing.
100% justified. But that cop is never going to live down how long it took to cuff her.
I also think it was totally justified. But of course we all know there are going to be plenty of cries of "racist!" "sexist!" "brutality!" "pig!".

Guess what, if you start a fight with a cop he is going to fight back and in most cases either he is going to win or his backup is.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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