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SCPD Pistol Bureau Lawsuit

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I read the County’s rebuttle, and it seems fairly strong, but also dances around the threat of arrest during training and disqualifies some key points with technicalities.

Mr. Melloni’s site with Legal info / Docs

I thought I should help out and put in my own “two cents”.

So I just did. ( For a second time )

And now also sharing with You.

You decide on your own.

GoFundMe for the Lawsuit

Thanks for reading.
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Rumor going around that SCPD arrested an applicant that took the class and submitted the cert with an original application, anyone heard anything?
Arrested for what tho i have not seen anything when i looked.
I copied this off a email from NYSRPA
NYSRPA v. Nigrelli (CCIA Lawsuit) originally Bruen 2​



NYSRPA v. Nigrelli (CCIA Lawsuit)
originally NYSRPA vs Bruen 2

The NYSRPA is looking for individuals, who meet the requirements listed below, to join our challenge. Please respond to this email with your name and contact information if you are interested in becoming a plaintiff in the lawsuit and meet any of these requirements:
  1. Submitted after September 1, 2022 an application for a carry license and that application was denied.
  2. Submitted after September 1, 2022, an application for a carry license and that application is still pending.
  3. Possess an unrestricted carry license and desire to carry a firearm into any of these locations:

1. A place controlled by the federal, state, or local government that is used for government administration.
2. Public transit (bus, ferry, train, subway, etc.);
3. Library, public playground, public park, zoo, nursery or childcare center, or summer camp.
4. A mental health or addiction facility or place for individuals with developmental disabilities.
5. A homeless or domestic violence shelter.
6. A senior center.
7. Theater, sports stadium or arena, racetrack, museum, banquet hall, or casino.

All responders should not otherwise be prohibited from obtaining a carry permit.

Thank you all for your support and time is of the essence.

Tom King
Cogito ergo armatum sum​
dont they have people already? Dose this indicate they might not have standing in that case? I would sign up but i dont fit the criteria as i already got my carry
I would suspect they're looking for more plaintiffs, to make it harder for NYS to pull standing tricks and you would qualify, under requirement #3.
hmm good to know alrighty then
I just sent an email to NYSRPA gave them all my information. I am more then welcome to become a plaintiff
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Presumably for admitting to shooting a handgun in NY without a license in order to qualify.
oo gotchaa idk why u would go admit to that but oook
If you hand in your application with the 18-hour certificate, you’ve admitted to shooting a gun.
well thats not necessarily tru you can shoot a real gun with simuntion to pass your 18 hour people at my class used it that had no permit yet but that was back in September so thing might have changed
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SCPD better tread lightly or there going to get moped up in the courts
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